Rhett Mullane - Director


Property is in my blood.  As a young boy my Saturdays were spent at open homes and auctions with my father, watching and learning the tricks of the trade from a master in the game. I knew this was my path and on completing high school commenced work with Shields Of Newtown, an award winning boutique agency and market leader at the time. In 1999, just six months after leaving high school, I made my first sale. Fast forward to today, with 17 years industry experience under my belt, and I still get the same kick out of helping someone sell their property.


Mullane Property has been born from my continued passion for the real estate industry and my commitment to break the stereotype of what a real estate agent is today. Having worked throughout Sydney and Wollongong on a number of my own small developments – being on the other side of the agent-vendor relationship – I know how it feels to be frustrated by the little things. Not getting a call after an open house. Having to chase an agent for feedback on the progress of a campaign. Being told your property is worth some astronomical figure - only to be told a fortnight later that you’re asking too much money. That feeling of “what am I paying them for?”


Extensive experience on both sides of the equation is what sets Mullane Property apart from the competition. Product knowledge and customer service are the key to selling property. It’s about listening to your vendors and understanding their needs. It’s about knowing how to market your property to the right people. It’s about working as a team with your owners to help them achieve their goal.

    Fiona Mullane - Accounts

    I've been very fortunate to grow up on Sydney's Northern Beaches and it's a privilege to live in this part of the world.

    When I finished school, I completed my university degree; Bachelor of Business - Finance major.  The majority of my career has been working in finance, even working in London for Barclays Global Investors.

    Now after starting our family, I'm looking forward to also assisting with the finance & accounts side of the business.